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Forget Me is a unique news portal for all those out there seeking contemporary news coverage about the world’s happenings. The best news often comes form different sources, and Forget Me is an amazing site to get your daily dose of up to date content on keeping updated with the times. We are all affected by everything that is happening around us. Although our name is Forget Me, of course it is a pun for the information we provide. Everything out there is so cluttered, such that when we read something on the internet, we forget it very quickly as soon, we are drowned by the sea of content and information out there. Surfing through myspace through a myspace proxy allows people to interact and share info fast while staying anonymous. Everyday, our eyes glance through thousands and thousands of words, and it is only normal that we forget some of them during our course of day. However, we hope that it will be different here at Forget Me, as we aim to provide you with the most relevant and up to date information that you will not forget, but instead will keep in mind during your course of day, as you need to have the most recent information at the top of your minds. Some of our newsworthy references comes from sites listed on foi directory listing. Keep in mind that of course, it is hard to constantly be at the top of things, and it is only human to err. Our memories have a certain capacity, and beyond that certain capacity, we can be quite sure that we will not remember those certain things that we need to keep note of. Forget Me news site which beautiful design template is based on a wordpress blog software that is used by millions in the community online will be your go-to site for information all around the world without needing to go through all the clutter in the world wide web. Stay tuned to Forget Me for the latest and greatest in information, in this amazing age of real time information.

Mass media also acts as society’s conscience when it forces society to face the raw truth. It is a tool used by public service institutions to create awareness about important social concerns. Business industries like bridal boutiques use the effect of social media to establish your gowns and wedding dress online for brides to see and that effect seems to be working in today’s society. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses such as a company selling log splitter have tapped on to online media to reach out to their consumers. Non governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, charities and activists recognise mass media as a mouthpiece to remind society of its values and the raw truth about social problems. Many blogs were created using blogger templates to publicize news and truths every day. In the 2005 Live 8 concerts, Sir Bob Geldof organised a worldwide broadcast of 8 concerts across eight continents, creating political awareness about Africa’s desperation for aid. Live 8 concerts were watched by millions, sparking large-scale peaceful political demonstrations pressuring the G8 leaders to change their policies towards Africa. Sometimes shows does help bring some entertainment and relaxation in spite of these sad news. While the raw truth can be ugly sometimes, the media has the responsibility to remind us of the pressing issues of the day. Some have made used of payday loans to advance their career in the media industry, while taking a loan to do that might seem a risky move but it has been proven to be a satisfying way to jumpstart your career and business. Media is trustworthy when it upholds the public’s trust in them, understands its primal, paramount importance in society, and harbours the sole, genuine intention to inform the public. This can be seen in Al Jazeera’s reporting of the Iraq war. Qatar based Al Jazeera used indiscriminate choices of pictures of casualties of the Iraq war, cementing its reputation as an open and credible source of news and information reporting. It was unfazed by the Western world’s potential diatribes against its reporting. This is in contrast to BBC’s selective use of choice photos, which depicted a vastly different world. BBC was afraid of dampening the American support for the Iraq war, a war which was politicised as a “war for freedom and democracy”, when in fact, the American impetus for the war was to obtain oil, and to introduce democracy into Iraq to open its economy to an influx of American trade.

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